How to Improve Home to Entertain Guests in the Holiday Season?

With the approaching holiday season, families would be looking for ways to make changes in the house to help them in entertaining the guests and making the stay at homes memorable. Or if you are interested in knowing about the DIYs that could make your home cozy and perfect for the guests, the below-mentioned tips will help to turn your home into a comfortable house for the guests.

Appealing Entry or Lobby Area

Generally people tend to overlook this part of the house; however, what is important to remember is that the entry of home makes a huge impact on anyone who arrives at the house. Therefore, it is important to invest your energy and time on making the entry point of the house appealing and welcoming for the guests. For instance, a small part of the space could be used to make a seating arrangement for the guests, especially if you have spacious entryway in the house, as it would cover the space in a warm way. Likewise, a rack to hang the coats or scarf could be placed in one corner to make it easy for the guests to adjust their dressing in accordance with the home temperature. However, it is necessary to the avoid cluttering of the entrance with the non-functional items of the house to allow the guests room for moving around easily.


Seating Arrangement

Regardless of size of the house or lounging area, if one know how to increase the space for seating of the guests, it means you would be able to entertain more guests at one time, but if you are expecting more than one family or group of friends, it is important to make sure that the seating arrangement is comfortable for the guests. In terms of the right furniture, it is best to go with chairs that can help people in conversing and complement the sitting postures to give the guests a feeling of ease to lounge in your living room. Moreover, a couch can be mixed with the particular types of tables and decorations to create a warm vibe of the room.



Some of the homeowners may ignore the lighting or those who are new at entertaining the guests, however, experts are of the view that lighting of a room and house, in general, plays a significant role in ruining or improving the overall ambiance and mood of the people to a large extent. For example, if the lighting of the room is too dim, it may create a drowsy environment for the guests or make people seem bored of the conversations you had planned of having, on the other hand, if the lighting is too bright, it could distract people from focusing on the conversation or topics of discussions. Hence, the key is to go with an option of balanced lighting to make the room cozy enough for all kinds of people and conversation. Furthermore, layered lighting is another interesting choice that could help to keep the ambiance of the living room adjustable according to the overall mood.


Dining Space

The dining space is another area of the house that is utilized during the holiday season due to the importance we give to food and its relation to celebrations and sense of sharing with closed ones. This means that if you want to make your dining area seem wonderful, different types of furniture could be added to make the space comfortable in addition to making the dinner prep or meals, in general, easy for the hosts and guests. However, if the furniture is in the shades of neutral or soft tones, there is an advantage in terms of merging the furniture with the other changes made in the dining lounge of your house. It will also give you the room to make changes in the décor of the dining space or to change the paint or color scheme of the cutlery for the guests.



Though this part of the house often exceeds the budget range of the enthusiastic ones, however, if a moderate amount of attention and funds are invested in making the necessary changes or renovations in the washrooms, it could help you to improve the overall stay of guests better than others. For instance, if you have a limited budget, there is an option of working on the guest’s room washroom only, if you make small but productive changes, it will change the overall experience of your guests at the house to a large extent. Similarly, if the washroom is not attached with the guest’s room, a room nearer to the room of your guests or living space can be allotted to the guests in terms of accessibility and convenience.


Faux Stone Panels

If you are not a fan of changing paint of the house or if you have a house with a worn off paint on the walls and you want to cover the faded spots or if you are looking for easy solution to make your home presentable for the guests on a short notice, the faux stone panels could be a best substitute. Among uncountable benefits of the stone faux panels, the popular ones deal with the quality of the panels which is easy to install without having to hire a mason, while maintaining a look and appeal that is offered in real stone panels. This means that the walls of your house or one of the renovated rooms can be upgraded if one installs the faux panels and the maintenance of the walls will also become quite easy.


Convertible Furniture Pieces

This option is recommended for people who have the small house but they are expecting to entertain the large group of family or friends in this season, convertible furniture can be used in multiple ways to increase the space and seating space for the people. However, if you don’t have the time to buy more piece, maybe you can go for one or few selective pieces to serve the multiple functions and to make it easy for you to move or shift the furniture to different rooms of the house according to one’s needs.








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